How To Pick The Perfect Pillows | 3 Genius Tips To Upgrade Your Home With Trending Patterns


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This post is all about choosing the best couch pillows and how to make your spaces pop with color and patterns with one-of-a-kind design tips.

Throw pillows can really upgrade the look and feel of your home decor. There are useful tips to help you select the best trending patterns, pops of color and make sure they are plush and comfy. Don’t just choose any old pillow that came with your couch or sofa, find that one-of-a-kind design that speaks to your style.
This post will provide you with 3 tips to elevate your room to the next level. I’ll provide examples so you can see how to upgrade with trending patterns as well as color.
This article is all about how to pick the perfect pillows with tips.

How To Pick The Perfect Pillows With Tips:

How To Pick The Perfect Pillows

Tip #1: Pick Patterns

The pillows that come with just about any couch have bland and boring patterns to them. They just don’t have the style you are looking for, which makes sense as these pillows are made for the masses.

You need to pick a pattern and style that expresses your individuality. Custom pillows will allow you to do just that. Pick a combination of small and larger patterns for variety as well as different types of patterns.

pillows - patterns

These four pillows shown above are good examples of different patterns. Think about your personal style and preference, then shop around to find the right pillows patterns for you.

Tip #2: Choose A Pop Of Color

Don’t be afraid of using color. Throw pillows are the place to make a statement with color and add a professional interior design look and feel. Remember though that the color should reflect existing colors in your room. The pillows will add a pop of color for a more inviting feel.

Plus, you can mix and match colors and styles as you like and re-arrange the pillows when you want a refresh.

Pillows - Color

These four pillows above mix color and patterns. Choose single color pillows or floral designs.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget Plush And Comfy

Besides picking pillows that look good, why not also make sure they feel good. Select plush and comfy throw pillows you can lay down on and actually use instead of just focus points.

Along with comfort, choose different sizes of pillows. These will add to the style and attain the look you are after as well. Put some larger pillows on a back row and then layer smaller pillows in front.
Also consider different shapes of pillows, either longer or larger sized.

To recap, throw pillows are a great place to add a nice pop of color and mixed with interesting patterns, your space will be inviting and provide cozy comfort.

So there are a few quick and easy tips for picking the perfect pillows to upgrade your home with color, patterns and comfort.

This article was about how to pick the perfect pillows.