Growing Indoor Microgreens DIY (Easy and Cheap)

How to start easily growing indoor microgreens for cheap. Microgreens, expensive to buy, cheap to grow yourself. There’s been a lot of buzz about microgreens such as what they are and just how do you grow them. Let’s dig into the world of growing DIY indoor microgreens easily and inexpensively. A few basics will get … Read more

How To Conserve Water At Home | How Can I Lower My Water Bill?

How To Conserve Water At Home

People in the United States use a lot of water. Most of us take for granted a constant and steady supply of clean fresh water in our homes. As the weather becomes more unpredictable and the climate is producing extreme temperatures, the water tables are falling and general reservoir supplies are becoming more constrained. It’s … Read more

Best Mason Bee House DIY Steps | Avoid This

Mason Bee House DIY Info

Today mason bee houses have become very popular. Bees in general have been in decline which has sparked concern among many people. Building your own DIY backyard mason bee house is a project anyone can tackle with just a few materials and planning. Start with wood blocks or paper tubes, drill some holes and mount … Read more

Tape Measure Tips And Tricks (Secrets To Know)

Tape Measure Tips And Tricks

Most people have used a tape measure at some point in their lives. We commonly use them for simple measurements without thinking too much about them. But tape measures are chock full of features that if we learn about can ensure we use them properly and get accurate measurements. The tips and tricks of tape … Read more

Easy Newbie Home Maintenance (Will Save Money)

Easy Newbie Home Maintenance

Owning your first home is fun and exciting as you start envisioning endless possibilities of improvements you could make. New homeowners however do need to be aware of routine maintenance that is required for the proper upkeep of their homes. This new free checklist will get you started in learning what needs to be inspected … Read more