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Updated 12/13/2022

This post is all about Delta Touch kitchen faucet troubleshooting and how to fix issues you’re having.

Delta Touch kitchen faucet troubleshooting can resolve your problems by following the procedures below and getting the faucet working again.

How To Repair Your Delta Touch Kitchen Faucet

Issues with your Delta Touch faucet can be frustrating when all you want is for it to work properly. I’ve tried to answer the most common issues seen with this faucet in this article. See if I have answered your question below.

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Why Has My Touch Faucet Stopped Working?

A few reasons may be causing your Delta Touch faucet from working properly. The most common is the batteries have died and need to be replaced. See how to replace them below as well as what the LED status indicator light is telling you.

Delta Touch Faucet Not Working – Things To Check:

If your Delta touch faucet is not working, do these 4 things below to resolve the issue.

  1. First up is to check the batteries as they may have worn out and look at the LED light at the base of the spout. See how to do that below.
  2. Next, you may just need to reactivate the hands-free mode.
  3. Check the handle to ensure it is open.
  4. The solenoid may be the culprit and has worn out.

After checking the above 4 things, see below for what the LED light indicator is telling you, and answers to other common problems.

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Delta Touch Faucet Battery Replacement

Delta says batteries last up to 2 years, some users are seeing much less, anywhere from 6 months to 1 year. The LED light on the faucet base will start to blink red when the batteries are low.

Steps To Replace The Batteries In A Delta Touch Faucet:

  1. The battery pack is in the cabinet under the sink.
  2. Open the top cap of the battery box and remove the batteries.
  3. Install your new batteries and note the correct polarity shown on the box.
  4. Replace the cap and battery box making sure the cable is free from obstructions.

Place the battery box flat on the floor under the sink to help ensure the faucet sensitivity is accurate.

What Size Batteries Does The Delta Touch Faucet Take?

The touch faucets take either 6 AA or 4 AA batteries depending on your specific model. The Touch2O for instance requires 6 AA batteries for it to work.

The battery pack can be found under the sink and should be flat in the cabinet.

Will A Delta Touch Faucet Work Without Batteries?

Yes, the faucet will work without batteries just like a normal faucet. You can bypass a delta touch faucet and turn it on and off with the handle.

If this doesn’t work for you, make sure the handle is in the on position, and then remove the batteries. This makes sure the solenoid is in the open position so the faucet will work.

Where Is The Reset Button On A Delta Touch Faucet?

To reset your Delta faucet, remove the batteries from the pack and wait about 30 seconds. This will reset the faucet.

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Delta Touch Faucet LED Light Indicators

Why Is My Delta Touch Faucet Blinking Red?

A blinking red LED on your Delta touch faucet indicates the batteries are low and need to be replaced. See the section above on battery replacement.

If after replacing the batteries it still flashes red, replace the solenoid valve.

Delta Touch Faucet Blue Light Not Working

For no LED lights on the faucet, first, check that the spout connector is attached to both the spout and the wire coming from the solenoid. Make sure this is all secure.

Next, check and replace the batteries as no power will not enable the LED lights.

Delta Touch LED light meanings:

  • Blue LED – normal operation when the touch sensor is active.
  • Flashing blue LED – normal mode when hands-free is active.
  • Red LED – replace batteries soon.
  • Flashing red LED – replace batteries now.
  • Long Red LED flashing – error, contact Delta support.

Delta Touch Faucet Water Trickles

Delta touch faucet dripping:

If the water used to flow properly but your Delta touch faucet is now dripping, you need to check for what may be causing a blockage. Look at the 4 things below to resolve your issue.

  1. Start by looking at the filter screen in the spray head and wash off any material.
  2. Check the water supply shut-off valve to be in the fully open position.
  3. Check the batteries and replace them if they are old and weak.
  4. Replace the solenoid valve if its connections are all secure.

How Do I Install VoiceIQ?

How Do I Set Up Delta VoiceIQ?

First, you need to have a connected home device such as Alexa or Google Assistant and a WiFi network and phone.

  1. Connect your phone to VoiceIQ’s WiFi network: Delta-xxx. The passcode will be listed on the module.
  2. Open a browser and point it to VoiceIQ by using:
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the setup. You will have to register the device with either Amazon or Google to enable voice.
  4. Add and configure the voice assistant skill through either Amazon or Google.

The faucet will be registered and updated as it finishes the setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I control water flow?

Control the water flow on the Delta Touch faucet by adjusting the handle as you normally would.

Any safety features on the Delta Touch faucet?

The Delta Touch faucet has an automatic water shut-off after 4 minutes of no activity.

Can I use a power adapter on my touch faucet?

Depends on the model of the Delta faucet. Newer models of Delta Touch faucets have a power adapter option available.

How to tell when the touch feature is active?

The touch feature on a Delta Touch faucet will show a blue LED light that will indicate the touch sensor is active.

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