How to Reset a Genie Garage Door Opener: A Step-by-Step Guide

Genie Garage Door Opener Models

When your garage door opener starts acting up, knowing how to reset it can save you time and money.

As a homeowner, you’ve probably experienced frustrating issues with your garage door opener, from a loss of signal with the remote to the door malfunctioning after a power outage.

I’ll walk you through the process of resetting your Genie garage door opener. Whether you have the popular chain-driven Genie garage door opener or the more modern and smooth-operating screw-driven model, I’ve got you covered.

By the end, you’ll know exactly what to do to get your garage door opener running smoothly again.

Here’s how to reset your Genie garage door opener in just a few straightforward steps:

Quick Reset Guide for Genie Garage Door Openers

Resetting your Genie garage door opener is usually a simple task. Follow these steps to get your garage door moving again:

  1. Find the “Learn” or “Program” Button:
  • Usually located on the back or side of the motor head near the antenna.
  • Refer to the owner’s manual if you cannot locate it.
  1. Press and Hold:
  • For most models, press and hold the button until the light turns off (approximately 6 seconds).
  • This clears the old codes from the opener’s memory.
  1. Release and Re-press the Button:
  • Once the memory is cleared, press the button again until the light starts to blink.
  1. Program Your Remote:
  • Within 30 seconds, press the button on the remote you want to program.
  • You should see the light bulb on the opener flash, indicating successful programming.
  1. Test the Remote:
  • Press the programmed button on the remote to ensure it operates the door.
  1. Repeat if Necessary:
  • If you have additional remotes or a keypad, follow steps 3 to 5 for each device.

While the steps listed above serve as a universal guide for most Genie garage door openers, specific models may require additional steps due to their unique features and functionalities.

For instance, we often refer to the DirectLift and Excelerator models, which have distinctive resetting procedures. Let’s walk through the resetting process for the Excelerator model:

Genie Garage Door Opener Remote

Resetting the Genie Excelerator Model

The Genie Excelerator model garage door opener has a unique security feature and a different set of steps due to its opening speed and smart technology. Here’s how you reset this specific model:

  1. Go to the Power Head:
  • Locate the “Learn” button which is usually placed at the bottom of the unit.
  1. Clear Previous Codes:
  • Press and hold down the “Learn” button until the LED light goes out, which takes about 10 seconds.
  1. Re-establish Connection:
  • Press the “Learn” button again until the LED blinks. Then, within 30 seconds, push the button on your Genie remote.
  1. Test the Remote:
  • Push the remote button again to ensure the door moves, confirming successful reprogramming.

I wanted to share this specific guide with you because many of our readers have found it immensely helpful.

Remember, always have your opener’s model number on hand when troubleshooting – it can save a lot of time. As always, safety comes first, so if you’re not comfortable performing these steps, consider reaching out to a professional technician.

Resetting Your Genie DirectLift Garage Door Opener

If you are the proud owner of a Genie DirectLift garage door opener and find that it is not functioning as expected, resetting it may resolve the issue.

Let’s break down the process together:

  1. Locate the ‘Learn’ Button:
  • Usually found under the light lens at the motor head, or on the back panel.
  • The button might be colored red or purple, depending on your model.
  1. Erase Old Codes:
  • Press and hold the ‘Learn’ button until the LED stops blinking.
  • This action deletes all previously programmed data.
  1. Reprogram the Remote:
  • Briefly press the ‘Learn’ button again so that the LED starts flashing.
  • Now, press your remote control button to re-link it with the opener.
  • Look for the LED to stop flashing as a sign of successful reprogramming.
  1. Confirm the Reset:
  • Test your remote by pressing the button to see if the door responds correctly.
  1. Additional Devices:
  • Should you need to reset extra remotes or a keypad, repeat the reprogramming steps for each device.

By following these instructions, you should have no trouble resetting your Genie DirectLift and getting back to a smoothly operating garage door.

It’s important to locate and address common concerns that our readers have regarding resetting their Genie garage door openers. Here is a concise list of queries we go into, aiming to provide you with a wealth of knowledge and practical guidance:

Essential Questions We Answer:

  1. How to handle the reset process after a power outage?
  2. The correct protocol for resetting the opener without a code.
  3. Steps to resetting and reprogramming the keypad.
  4. Know-how on deleting and reestablishing remote connections.

Genie Garage Opener: Resetting After a Power Outage

After a power outage, you may find that your Genie garage door opener isn’t functioning as smoothly as usual. I’ve encountered this issue several times before, and I want to share with you a foolproof method to reset your opener and get your garage door running again seamlessly.

  1. Inspect the Device:
  • First, ensure that the power has been fully restored to your garage opening system. Sometimes, a garage door opener can be on a different circuit, so double-check your circuit breaker or fuse box.
  1. Manual Door Test:
  • Safely disconnect the opener by pulling the emergency release cord and attempting to open the door manually. If the door moves freely, you know the issue is likely with the opener and not the door mechanism itself.
  1. Reset the Opener:
  • Once power is confirmed, press the reset button on the opener’s motor unit. Some models may require you to press and hold the button until you notice a light blinking or hear two clicks, indicating a reset has been initiated.
  1. Restore Settings:
  • If your model has a backup battery, you might need to re-enter any previously saved settings, like limits and force adjustments, once the power is restored.
  1. Test the Functionality:
  • Reconnect the opener to the door, and test the remote control to see if the door responds correctly. If not, you might need to go through the reprogramming process as outlined in the remote section of the manual.
  1. Expert Tip:
  • After a power outage, it can be helpful to clear your opener’s memory and reprogram your remotes to ensure everything is operating on a clean slate.

Remember, these steps are particularly for resetting after a power outage.

Genie Reset Without a Code:

Worry not, as I’m going to walk you through a step-by-step guide that does not require a code to reset your garage door opener.

1. Power Cycling the Opener:

  • Begin by unplugging the garage door opener from the power outlet. This simple step can sometimes resolve minor electronic glitches.
  • Wait for about a minute before plugging the opener back in. This brief interval allows the opener’s electronic components to reset.

2. Accessing the Manual Release:

  • Locate the manual release handle—generally a red cord hanging from the opener—and pull it to disconnect the opener from the door. This allows you to operate the door manually.

3. Manual Override Feature:

  • Some Genie models come equipped with a manual override feature. Check your user manual to see if your model has this and how to activate it.

4. Resetting Without a Code:

  • After ensuring there are no obstructions and that the door moves freely when operated manually, return to the opener and locate the ‘Learn’ button.
  • Press and hold the ‘Learn’ button until the LED indicator turns off. This erases all existing data, effectively resetting your opener.

5. Reprogramming the Remote:

  • With the existing codes cleared, you can now reprogram your remote. Briefly press the ‘Learn’ button so the LED indicator begins to blink, then press the button on your remote.

6. Testing Your Success:

  • Once the LED stops blinking, test the remote by pressing the button to see if the door responds correctly. If the door moves accordingly, you’ve successfully reset the opener without the need for a code.

Expert Insight:

  • It’s essential to know that resetting your opener erases all remote connections. Thus, you’ll need to reprogram any additional remotes or keypads following these same steps.

Resetting and Reprogramming Your Genie Keypad

Reprogramming your keypad is a simpler task than one might assume. Let’s go through the steps together to reset and reprogram your Genie keypad with ease:

Clearing Existing Keypad Codes:

  • To initiate a reset, you first want to erase any existing codes on your keypad. Hold down the ‘Program’ and ‘Arrow’ buttons simultaneously until the LED light blinks twice and goes out.

Engaging the Learn Mode:

  • Next, climb up to your opener and locate the ‘Learn’ button. Press and release this button; you’ll have 30 seconds to complete the next step before the learn mode times out.

Entering Your New PIN:

  • Now, head back to the keypad and enter your desired personal identification number (PIN). Your new PIN should be a sequence you can easily remember but hard for others to guess.

Saving the New PIN:

  • Directly following the new PIN entry, press and hold the ‘Enter’ button on the keypad until the garage door opener light blinks. This signals that your new PIN is set.

Test the Keypad:

  • Make a final test by entering your new PIN and pressing ‘Enter’ to see if the door activates properly. If the door moves, you’ve successfully reset and reprogrammed your keypad.


  • In the rare event that reprogramming doesn’t work on the first try, don’t hesitate to repeat the steps. If the issue persists, consulting the manual for model-specific instructions or reaching out for professional assistance might be your next best step.

Remember, with the right approach, a little patience, and clear instructions, you can manage your Genie garage door opener with confidence. I hope these actionable steps support and guide you in seamlessly resetting and reprogramming your Genie keypad.

Advanced Troubleshooting: Deleting and Re-Establishing Remote Connections

If your Genie garage door opener seems to be responding erratically, or if you’ve recently replaced your remote, you may need to delete and re-establish the remote connections.

Follow these easy steps to refresh your system:

Wiping Out Old Remote Data:

  • Start by pressing and holding the ‘Learn’ button on the motor unit until the LED light stops blinking. This step will clear all previous remote programming, effectively giving you a clean slate to work with.

Resetting the Remote:

  • With the old data wiped clean, take your remote and prepare to link it back to the opener. Press and release the ‘Learn’ button quickly so you can proceed with the reprogramming while the LED is blinking.

Reprogramming the Remote:

  • Now, press the desired control button on the remote. The motor unit light should blink, signifying a successful connection. If you have multiple remotes or a button that controls more than one door, repeat this step for each connection you wish to establish.

Confirming Remote Functionality:

  • To ensure success, press the remote button again to check if the garage door responds correctly. If the door opener activates, your remote is now successfully connected.

Reconnecting Additional Devices:

  • Remember, deleting the remote data also erases all paired devices. So, you’ll have to re-link any additional remotes, keypads, or other connected devices by following the similar steps mentioned above.

Safety Precautions When Handling Your Genie Opener

Your safety is our top priority when you’re managing your Genie garage door opener. I’ve put together a concise list of safety measures to keep you out of harm’s way while resetting and reprogramming:

  • Ensure Power Safety: Always disconnect your opener from the power supply before attempting any maintenance or resets to prevent accidental activation.
  • Use Secure Ladders: When accessing the ‘Learn’ button or any part of the opener that requires elevation, use a sturdy ladder and maintain three points of contact at all times.
  • Keep Clear of Moving Parts: During testing phases, stay clear of the garage door path and moving parts to avoid injury.
  • Wear Proper Attire: Don proper personal protective equipment, such as closed-toe shoes, to safeguard against any falling objects.
  • Involve a Second Person: If possible, have someone assist you by observing the door movement and providing immediate feedback while you program from the keypad.
  • Comprehend Before You Proceed: Fully understand the steps of resetting and reprogramming before beginning the process to minimize risks and confusion.

By following these simple yet effective steps, you’ll ensure that both you and your Genie opener are protected from potential accidents.

Compatible Genie Garage Door Opener Models and Features

When resetting or reprogramming your Genie garage door opener, it’s crucial to know which model you’re working with, as features may vary. Below, I’ve compiled a table for you with some of the most common Genie opener models and their pertinent features, which I hope will ease the process and ensure a successful setup.

Model NumberDrive TypeHorsepowerSmart Home CompatibilityBattery Backup
StealthDrive® 750Belt Drive1.25 HPAladdin Connect®Yes
ChainDrive 550Chain Drive0.5 HPNoNo
SilentMax® 1200Belt Drive0.75 HPAladdin Connect®Yes
MachForce™ PlusScrew Drive2 HPAladdin Connect®Yes
Wall Mount Pro Series 6175Wall MountN/AAladdin Connect®No
Table: Common Models

Please note that Aladdin Connect® is Genie’s proprietary smart home technology which enables you to control and monitor your garage door opener via a smartphone app.

As always, double-check your owner’s manual for the exact specifications and capabilities of your specific opener model.

For additional support and clarity, referencing the manufacturer’s resources can be incredibly beneficial. We’ve found that the Genie Company’s Customer Support page offers a comprehensive array of troubleshooting articles, FAQs, and product manuals that can guide you through even the most intricate issues.

Furthermore, you might find Garage Door Sensor Blinking Red: What Does it Mean and How to Fix it?, and DIY Guide to Fixing Garage Door Opener Issues helpful.

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